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Pop goes the spine and away the pain went.

To all who suffer from back pain like I do, I really want to say that I wasn’t expecting much from this product because I have herniated discs and I bought it just to try it and return it like I do with all lumbar gadgets; With that being said, I am pleasantly surprised that this product alleviated my lumbar pain within 5 mins of using it. This product is very dense foam and must have a plastic or solid core because it did not collapse under my weight and I am a little over 250 and 6’3. I placed it on my bed, positioned myself over it, positioned my lumbar over it, pulled in my feet and knees so that my feet were flat on the bed, laid on it for 2 minutes, let my muscles relax and pushed my hips away from my torso and I felt the most satisfying couple of pops that I have ever felt. I literally felt a vertebrae shift and it allowed for my herniated disc to pop back into place. The constant pinching sensation in my ankle, the tingling in my toe is now gone and the 24/7 pain that was always at a level 10 is now at a 4. I am not exaggerating NOR AM I AFFILIATED with this company. I am very very grateful to this company. This actually worked.

As expected

Helps to stretch out my back and helps my sciatic problems in particular

Works very well!

Solid, well built tool for stretching the lower to mid back, you have to work with it to find the "sweet spot" for yourself, as it describes in the included instructions. It really opens up those stiff areas, and may be sore at first, but my experience was very positive.

Great way to relax a tense back before Sleeping

I really like the way this feels when I lay on it after a long day at work. Sometimes my back is so sore, I cannot fall asleep. It really gets into the peaks and valleys of the muscles on my back and provides relief. Yes is hurts at first, but it needs to to relax the tension on my back, and after I lay on it for a few minutes, I can relax and fall asleep.

I am quite satisfied with what I received and its usefulness

Doesn't cure my severe back pain but it does help. While it is foam, it was more durable than I expected and what I read from some reviews. It is not wide but is wide enough to deal with my 42 inch girth. This is especially helpful after doing some work and feeling that aching feeling in the lower back. I am quite satisfied with what I received and its usefulness.